Appearing at a nightclub, Jarwo Kwat admits that he was drunk while joking

Jakarta – Comedian and actor, Jarwo Kwat has gone through many difficult things to get to where he is now.

He never offered a door-to-door comedy service. On the other hand, he admits that he once tried to joke while drunk which ended unexpectedly. What’s the confession like? Let’s take a peek below.

Offer Door to Door Comedy Services

Jarwo Kwat

Invited to YouTube HAHAHA TV, Jarwo Kwat recounts his career journey to be as successful as he is today.

He admits that he once offered to provide comedy services from door to door at nightclubs and was even willing to not be paid if it wasn’t funny.

“Ngelawa door to door offers services. From one night club to another, discotheques in the Mangga Besar city area,” said Jarwo Kwat quoted on Wednesday, July 5, 2023.

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