Antonio Dedola Stops Revealing the Disgrace of His Ex-Wife, Nikita Mirzani Shows off on the lap of a handsome Caucasian man

Jakarta – Antonio Dedola, who previously seemed intense about exposing the disgrace of his ex-wife, Nikita Mirzani, now looks calm and quiet. He only shows stories in the middle of exercising.

On the other hand, Loly’s mother flaunted on the lap of a handsome Caucasian man. Curious about the portrait? Come on scroll the article is below.

Stop dismantling ex-wife’s disgrace


Photo : Instagram/Toni.dedola

Previously, it seemed that every day Antonio Dedola exposed Nikita Mirzani’s actions and disgrace on his social media. Most recently, he demonstrated the actions of Fitri Salhuteru’s friend which forced Loly to continue working.

He said Nikita always forced Loly to live selling for hours and even threatened to kill her.

“Tell him, from tomorrow the door will never open again. Will never. He must choose. He wants to kill himself with poison or go crazy and have no future and live forever in the room,” twrote Nikita Mirzani’s message, via Instagram Antonio Dedola.

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