Another Day – EXO Song Lyrics, with Indonesian Translation

South Korea – Here are the lyrics of EXO’s song Another Day. Another Day is a song with the R&B genre which is part of EXO’s 7th full album titled EXIST.

For your information, EXO EXIST’s 7th full album has swept the iTunes song dates around the world. Not only that, the EXIST album also successfully sold more than 1 million on Hanteo after a day of release. So, in order to memorize all the lyrics of the song, check it out

Romanization Hangul Lyrics Another Day – EXO

Sijakae tie
Ne meoritsoge saenggakdeureun biun chae
Da jinabeorin sungandeureun dwirohae
Gwaenhan apseon geokjeongdeuldo nwajullae
Heulleogage mod

Eojee gatyeo itdeon nan
Han georeum naseon sungan realize
Nun tteumyeon tie

Another day cheoeumin deut
Dasi tteuneun hae tto dareun haru
Eojewan dalla saerowo jeonbu
Maeumkkeot chaewoga mwol haedo joeun
Another day

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