Angela Tee and Goldwin Remake Song Throughout My Life, Optimists Surpass Previous Success


Jakarta – Singing couple, Angela Tee and Goldwin recycle (remake) the song titled “Sepuhuhku” This Goldwin song was previously popularized by the band Pilot in 2008.

This song itself is under the auspices of the Bright Records label. Check out the full review below.

Optimistic Exceed Previous Success

Angela Tee and Goldwin

As the creator who now performs the song “Sepanjang my Life”, Goldwin feels optimistic that he can surpass his previous success. If previously this song had been listened to more than 12 million times on social media YouTube, going forward, he is sure he can touch that success twice as much.

“Supposedly, with the development of technology, it will also be easier to reach more audiences, right? That’s why we are optimistic, at least this song has double the viewers of the original song,” said Goldwin during a press conference in the Jakarta area on Saturday, July 8, 2023.

It’s not without reason that Angela Tee’s husband is optimistic about this work. The reason is, not only does he think that his songs can represent the feelings of many people, he also feels that technological developments can further magnify the echoes of his work.

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