Anabul Lovers, Take a Peek at Shah Rukh Khan’s Pet Dog, which Spends IDR 16 Million a Month!


India – Shah Rukh Khan has been known for his charm and acting talent in the Bollywood industry. Not only a popular actor who is nicknamed the King of Bollywood, Gauri Khan’s husband is also an anabul lover.

In total, Shah Rukh Khan has 4 pet dogs. One of them spent a fantastic maintenance fee of IDR 16 million. Come on, take a peek at the adorable portrait!

Peek at Shah Rukh Khan’s Pet Dog

Shahrukh Khan

Source: Hindustan Times

Perhaps not many know that Shah Rukh Khan is a pet lover. On the sidelines of his busy life as a big Bollywood actor, he takes time to care for his pet dog.

It is known that the actor in the film Pathaan has a Japanese Pekingese dog named Dash.

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