Almost Adopted, Loly Writes a Touching Message to Antonio Dedola: I Love You

Jakarta – Even though Nikita Mirzani had a conflict with Antonio Dedola, Loly actually had a good relationship with the man from Germany.

Nikita’s eldest daughter was even almost adopted by Antonio. Now, Loly, who already considers Antonio like her own father, writes a touching message to Antonio. Curious as to what the contents of the message? Take a peek in full below.

Loly Write a Touching Message for Antonio Dedola

Lolly, Antonio

Through her personal Instagram, Loly was caught uploading her portrait with Antonio Dedola who was compact wearing a white shirt.

Accompanying the photo, Loly wrote a message of love to Antonio, whom she considers herself a father. Loly felt that Antonio was like a hero in his life.

“You are a real life superhero. You have helped me learn and you have helped me grow. You never let go of my hand when I’m scared. You show love.” wrote Loly quoted on Sunday, July 9, 2023.

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