Allegedly Stealing Jungkook BTS Recipe, GS25 Apologizes and Cancels New Product Release


South Korea – The popular convenience store chain in South Korea namely GS25 has canceled its newest product. This is due to accusations from fans that the company copied the recipe idea originally shared by Jungkook BTS.

Because it made GS25 apologize and cancel their new product. What is complete information like? Come on, take a peek at the article below!

GS25 controversy

The controversy over the Jungkook BTS recipe exploded after GS25 launched a new menu item, perilla oil buckwheat noodles, which is very similar to the recipe previously shared with fans.

This can be seen in the product packaging, which is dominated by purple (a color often associated with BTS). In addition, it features the word ‘idol’ on the packaging which has led many to speculate that the company deliberately borrowed ideas from the popular idol.

Meanwhile, during a fan community live broadcast last April, Jungkook shared his recipe called ‘Spicy Perilla Bulmayo Oil Makguksu’.

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