Allegedly on a video call, Tiara Andini is still dating Alshad Ahmad?


Jakarta – After the issue of Alshad Ahmad getting pregnant with Nissa Asyifa. News spread that Raffi Ahmad’s cousin had broken up with his girlfriend, Tiara Andini.

But this is allegedly not true, after the viral video of Alshad Ahmad having a video call with Tiara Andini. Here’s the full article.

Allegedly Still Dating

Alshad Ahmad and Tiara Andini

Tiara Andini is allegedly still dating Alshad Ahmad. Even though previously it was widely reported, Tiara had ended the relationship after Alshad was hit by the news that she had a child with her ex-boyfriend.

However, the issue of the two of them still dating suddenly emerged. The reason is that the singer of Felt Beautiful is allegedly still making video calls with Alshad Ahmad.

This was revealed when Alshad was doing a live broadcast. Apart from greeting the audience, Alshad was seen on the phone with someone.

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