Allegedly her husband is having an affair with a man, Meylisa Zaara takes off her hijab and asks for support

Jakarta – Celebrity Meylisa Zaara is facing a complicated situation in her household life. This was after she found out that her husband was allegedly having an affair with a man.

This was revealed when Meylisa found an intimate chat on her husband’s cell phone, Rizka Khoirul Atok or RK Atok. On the other hand, now Meylisa is seen removing her hijab. What really happened? Check out the full news below.

Meylisa Zaara Asks for Support


Photo : Instagram/@meylisazaara

Through her Instagram Story, Meylisa Zaara often shares the latest updates on her current situation. However, this time Meylisa’s Instagram Story is in the public spotlight.

The woman from Tulungagung was seen taking off her hijab. Uploading a boomerang video, Meylisa, who is lying on her gray pillow, looks wistful while asking for support.

“Keep it up (emoji broken heart),” wrote Meylisa Zaara quoted on Thursday, July 20, 2023.

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