Allegedly gay until you see bloodstains in the bathroom, RK Atok: I have a history of hemorrhoids


Jakarta – Previously, celebgram Meylisa Zaara revealed her story with her husband, RK Atok. Meylisa Zaara’s husband was caught chatting intimately with a man.

On one occasion, the celebrity from Tulungagung even revealed that they found blood in their bathroom. Related to this, RK Atok gave his clarification. Take a peek in full below.

Deny Gays

Celebrity Meylisa Zaara returns to the podcast hosted by Doctor Richard Lee. She told about the awkwardness of her relationship with her husband, Rizka Khoirul Atok or RK Atok.

She caught her husband checking in with a man shortly after the two were married. At that time, Meylisa Zaara’s husband and his male lover were choosing a hotel together.

However, RK Atok gave his clarification when he guest starred on Richard Lee’s YouTube. He said the man who checked in with him was a friend who was going home and asked for his help.

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