Allegedly Divorced by Princess Anne, Arya Saloka’s story is in the spotlight: Thank you

Jakarta – Princess Anne and Arya Saloka’s household is now on the edge. The two are even rumored to have divorced.

In the midst of the excitement of the news, Arya Saloka’s story was in the spotlight. Why? Scroll through the article below.

Allegedly Divorced

Princess Anne, Arya Saloka

They haven’t been seen together for a long time since the issue of the affair between Arya Saloka and Amanda Manopo, Putri Anne became the talk of the town. Because, he was caught saying harshly until now he decided to take off his hijab.

His change made him the subject of netizens’ scorn. Even so, Princess Anne’s husband, Arya Saloka remained silent and did not appear to be defending his wife.

This makes it suspected that the household of Princess Anne and Arya Saloka will divorce. This is because a netizen appeared who claimed to have heard that Princess Anne was single when she attended a fashion event recently.

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