Allegedly Boris Bokir’s lover asks to be called ‘Mami’ by Irma Purba’s child: Shalom, I am born!

Jakarta – Irma Purba has confirmed and confirmed that she has officially divorced from Boris Bokir. It didn’t stop there, Irma boldly satirized the woman allegedly having an affair with Boris Bokir.

Irma seems to be insinuating the mistress whose eldest daughter calls Mami. Like what?

Irma Purba Warns Woman Allegedly Having Affair with Boris Bokir

Ancient Irma

After confirming that her household with Boris Bokir had officially broken up, Irma Purba gave a sharp satire to the woman allegedly having an affair with Boris.

The reason is that the woman is said to have asked Shalom, Irma and Boris’ child, to call her Mami.

Especially this one for someone who asks to be called MAMI with my child. Ma’am, uh Auntie, uh what do I call her,” Irma Purba quipped by uploading a Story on his personal Instagram, launched on Saturday, 8 July 2023.

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