Aldi Taher’s funny gimmick when singing Yellow


Jakarta – Indonesian artist, Aldit Taher is one of the performers at the Ujung-ujungnya Dangdut Jakarta 2023 festival. Not only that, he is also lined up to host the festival which is broadcast live on ANTV.

While singing on stage, Aldi Taher’s ex-husband performed one of the songs that has stuck with his image lately, namely the song Yellow which was popularized by Coldplay. Check out the full review below.

Aldi Taher Throws a Microphone Up in the Sky

Aldi Taher

When singing on stage, Aldi Taher only uses a plain white T-shirt with a green accent on the collar. The outfit looks dapper when paired with navy blue Levis pants.

Aldi’s clothes when appearing on this stage seemed to portray him as a singer in a band. Coupled with some of the gimmicks he did on stage.

In between singing, Aldi Taher threw the microphone he was holding to sing into the sky. Within seconds, the speaker was back in his right hand.

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