After Working for Salman Khan, Rakhi Sawant Now Breaks 5 Eggs into the Head So You Can Get a Loyal Husband

India – Indian artist Rakhi Sawant has returned to controversy recently. After previously she was soaking or walking barefoot for Salman Khan, Adil Khan’s ex-wife is now performing a strange ritual that is in the spotlight.

Because, he broke 5 eggs into his head to get a loyal husband. Like what? Take a full peek below.

Crack 5 Eggs into the Head

Rakhi Sawant has recently returned to the spotlight. Because he did a strange ritual by breaking 5 eggs into his head.

Wearing a pink tracksuit, Rakhi Sawant brought 5 eggs and talked with the media crew who were waiting for her in front of a place.

He also admitted that if he broke 5 eggs on his head, he would get a loyal husband. It was previously known that she was married to Adil Khan and decided to convert to Islam for the sake of her husband, but instead ended in domestic violence and are now separated.

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