After removing the hijab, viral video of Nathalie Holscher wearing a tank top while singing: what’s wrong with Nathalie


Jakarta – Nathalie Holscher seems to have settled on her choice to remove the hijab. Shortly after his decision to remove the hijab, the viral video of Sule’s ex-wife wearing a black tank top exposed the tattoo on her chest.

In the video, Nathalie Holscher sings with emotion. Suddenly the video became the spotlight of netizens. Take a peek at the following video!

Viral Video of Nathalie Holscher Using a Tanktop


Photo: Instagram/viral_seleb

Nathalie Holscher’s decision to remove the hijab is still being discussed by netizens. After taking off her hijab, Nathalie often appears with long, wavy hair that is left loose.

In the midst of the attention of netizens on Nathalie Holscher’s choice to take off her hijab, a viral video on social media shows Sule’s ex-wife wearing a tank top while singing.

As in the video uploaded to Instagram @viral_seleb, which shows the moment Nathalie Holscher recorded herself. He is seen wearing a tank top and with long flowing hair.

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