After Nathalie Holscher took off her hijab, Nadya Holscher: God will still take care of her brother

Jakarta – After moving and deciding to become a convert, Nathalie Holscher again took off her hijab after divorcing from Sule.

The impact of Nathalie’s decision to take off the hijab suddenly flooded with pros and cons from netizens until her sister Nadya Holscher opened her mouth. Like what? Come on scroll next article!

Nathalie Removes Hijab

Success in making the public shocked and shocked, Nathalie Holscher again took off her hijab after almost 3 years of being a convert. Appearing more beautiful and confident showing her beautiful hair, the mother of Adzam Ardiansyah was flooded with insults from netizens.

Not only that, Nathalie also apologized to netizens for their disappointment in taking off the hijab again. Defending her sister, Nadya Holscher was willing to step up and give full support to Nathalie’s decision.

always love u,” filled in the caption Nadya Holscher, said Nadya Holscher.

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