After Inviting Keisya Levronka on the Podcast, Marlo’s Instagram Account Disappeared too: How come I’m Dah?

Jakarta – Keisya Levronka is currently in the spotlight due to her attitude which was considered impolite when she appeared on the Marlo Ernesto YouTube podcast. Not only was he blasphemed, Keisya’s Instagram account also suddenly disappeared.

Previously reaping praise because he was judged to be patient with Keisya Levronka, Marlo’s Instagram account has now disappeared as a result of being suspended. What caused it?

Marlo’s Instagram account is gone

Keisya Levronka’s Instagram account suddenly could not be found, allegedly due to her inappropriate behavior when interviewed by Marlo Ernesto.

Now it’s not just Keisya, Marlo’s Instagram account has also disappeared. This was shown by Marlo himself through his personal Twitter account, via a tweet uploaded on Thursday, 20 July 2023.

Marlo looks confused because his Instagram account has suddenly disappeared, and there is a statement that his account has been suspended by Instagram.

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