After Clarification, Syahnaz Sadiqah is Now Called the Destroyer of People’s Households


Jakarta – Syahnaz Sadiqah and her husband, Jeje Govinda have clarified on their YouTube channel. In the video, Syahnaz admits that he is sorry and is going to improve his household with his husband.

Seeing this, netizens actually looked emotional because Raffi Ahmad’s sister was considered to have destroyed the household of Lady Nayoan and Rendy Kjaernett. Let’s take a peek at the spicy comments from netizens.

Jeje syahnaz

Jeje Govinda openly said that he had forgiven his wife, Syahnaz Sadiqah. He also realized that every household has problems that must be resolved properly.

Jeje also made a post on Instagram with a photo of his little family. He conveyed that mistakes that occur can become stories and will step up to share happiness together.

In every household there must be ups and downs that alternate. Only we know how big and small the waves we are facing and let it just be a story of struggle in our old age. We are not perfect humans, and we choose to always share happiness not imperfection and hopefully it will continue like that,” Jeje wrote in his Instagram post.

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