After 2 months of Siri marriage, Della Puspita confided in threats from her husband


Jakarta – Not long ago giving the happy news of her serial marriage to a man named Arman Wosi, soap opera Della Puspita suddenly made a scene again with her latest post.

How could it not be, Della said that her relationship with her husband was starting to have problems. What is it? Let’s peek the news!

Post Household Problems

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Through her latest post, Della Puspita uploaded an article that allegedly satirized her husband, Arman Wosi.

It’s also a hassle if you want to share anything on social media. It’s also troublesome if you like to forget what was said. It’s also troublesome if every time you fight, it’s embarrassing. I have proof of the threat,” wrote Della in her post, Tuesday, July 18, 2023.

Even though she was embarrassed, the 43-year-old woman also explained her complaints in the caption column. He even dared to swear by the Koran.

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