Admitting that he was forced to serve Dewi Perssik during menstruation, Saipul Jamil was even slapped by netizens

Jakarta – The relationship between former husband and wife Saipul Jamil and Dewi Perssik has recently heated up again. The man who recently changed his name to King Saipul Jamil bluntly teased his ex-wife while he was live.

Saipul satirized his ex-wife, who had been married three times but was divorced, and dismantled the bed affairs. Like what? Let’s take a peek at the information!

Alluding to the Ex-Wife Divorced 3 Times in LOVE

Photo : in LOVE

Saipul Jamil again reminded netizens about the marital status of his ex-wife, Dewi Perssik. Where, the owner of the rocking drill has been divorced three times by her husband when she married. According to Saipul, if the man divorces his wife, the wife will have problems.

“He’s been married three times, all ending divorce. Divorced is not divorced. Remember, being divorced, being divorced and divorcing are different. So you have to understand,” said Saipul Jamil in a live session on his social media, quoted from a re-upload of the gossip account @lambe__danu, Friday, July 21, 2023.

“If the man is divorced, it means that the woman is not right. But if it is the man who is divorced by the woman, it means that the man is not right. These are all the men who divorced, from there you should be able to think who is wrong,” he continued.

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