Admittedly still dear, it turns out that this is the reason Penelope’s love sues her husband for divorce

Jakarta – Homeland artist Cinta Penelope and her husband, Taha Gokhan Arikan, are undergoing divorce proceedings at the South Jakarta Religious Court (PA). Even so, the two of them still looked fine.

This was seen when the two of them were still able to hold hands when they arrived at South Jakarta PA on Tuesday, July 18 2023, before undergoing the first trial for divorce. Take a peek at the full information below.


Photo : Instagram/princess_cinta_penelope

Regarding the divorce suit, it turns out that Cinta has her own reasons. This was revealed by his attorney, Irsan Gusfrianto.

He said, Cinta several considerations that made him want to part with Taha. One of them is about cultural differences and behavior.

“There are behavioral issues, traits that don’t match. Because from a cultural point of view, it’s different,” said Irsan when met by the media crew at PA South Jakarta on Tuesday, July 18 2023.

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