Admittedly Having Habits Like Pandas, BoA Cried Too Late to Know the Opening of Freelancers for Fubao

South Korea – Recently, BoA uploaded and shared an article about Fubao on her Instagram Story. The article stated that more than 10,000 people applied for part-time jobs to be the daily manager of Fubao the panda in Yongin Everland.

BoA’s question caught the public’s attention. Here’s the full article!

BoA wants to freelance at Fubao the Panda in Yongin Everland

Source: Instagram/Boakwon

The part-time job at Yongin Everland., which will select three people, was announced to pay 500,000 won for approximately one hour of work from 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. KST on selected days between July 10 and 14.

BoA, who is known to be a huge fan of Fubao, asked her fans, “How can I apply for this?”. BoA previously expressed her affection for Fubao, revealing that Fubao’s eating, sleeping, and tossing habits were similar to her usual self.

However, the successful candidates have been selected and notified one by one on July 7th. When fans told her about this, BoA showed her determination, “It is over? I can be a hard-working manager!”

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