Admittedly Bucin, Meylisa Zaara Never Believed What People Say About Gay Husbands

Jakarta – Meylisa Zaara said she caught her husband chatting intimately with another man. In fact, after discovering this, he was often subjected to domestic violence (domestic violence) by Rizka Khoirul Atok or RK Atok.

When Meylisa Zaara caught RK Atok being gay, she couldn’t believe it because her husband was called a bucin when he was dating. Let’s take a peek at the full confession of the celebrity from Tulungagung.

Bucin When Courtship

Meylisa Zaara initially admitted that she really trusted RK Atok. In fact, she never thought that her husband was gay. The celebrity from Tulungagung said that at first her husband broke her while dating.

“At the beginning of dating, it was really bad,” said Meylisa Zaara, quoted from the Need A Talk YouTube channel on July 17, 2023.

In fact, he even ignored negative comments about RK Atok from people. The reason is, Meylisa Zaara admits that her husband and she are both obnoxious.

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