Accused of being gay by Dewi Perssik, Saipul Jamil screams slander!


Jakarta – Saipul Jamil was furious at Dewi Perssik’s accusations about him being a same-sex lover. The dangdut singer who changed his name to King Saipul Jamil alluded to slander in the midst of his feud with Depe.

While uploading a collection of his old videos with Dewi Perssik, Saipul Jamil emphasized something. What’s that? Let’s take a peek at his narrative!

Allude to Slander

Through his Instagram, Saipul Jamil uploads a collection of videos of Dewi Perssik and himself on various occasions. The video shows Depe insinuating Saipul, then you can see the intimate interaction between the former couple.

“Slander is more cruel than murder,” said the caption in the video, reported by IntipSeleb from Instagram @saipuljamilreal, Tuesday, July 25 2023.

Then, Saipul Jamil continued if it was clear who had nudged and slandered him first. “Slander is more cruel than murder … here you can see who first nudged & slandered !!he wrote.

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