Abidzar Admits Close to Carissa Perusset, Has He Introduced Umi Pipik?


Jakarta – Abidzar Al Ghifari reportedly has a close relationship with the beautiful artist Carissa Perusset. Related to this, Abidzar also revealed the status of their current relationship.

Met in the Mampang area, Abidzar said that he was only close friends with Carissa Perusset. Let’s take a peek at the full explanation!


Photo : Instagram/carissaperusset

Abidzar has publicly revealed the status of his relationship with Carissa Perusset. He admitted that currently he is only a close friend with Carissa.

“We are close friends. He is a good person, he has many points,” said Abidzar, Thursday 13 July 2023.

Abidzar said that he and Carissa had known each other for a long time. Both of them live in the same neighborhood so they get along quickly.

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