A gift for ARMY, Jin BTS Promoted to Corporal and Wins Warrior Special Title

South Korea – ARMY is celebrating its 10th anniversary on July 9, 2023. Coinciding with that, Jin was promoted to Corporal and won the Special Warrior title.

So what is the complete information like? Come on, take a peek at the article below!

Jin BTS greeting for ARMY

Weverse |  Soompi

Photo : Weverse | Soompi

On July 9, the birthday of the BTS fandom ARMY, Jin sent his sincere congratulations to fans through the video he recorded before enlisting. After that, J-Hope, who had just enlisted in the military, left a comment containing a letter to fans via the Weverse fan community platform on July 8.

After reading J-Hope’s letter, Jin jokingly complained that it was in it and he should be paid for it. Then he also jokingly mentioned that when meeting J-Hope during his vacation, they had to avoid eye contact.

Jin also shared the news that he had become Private First Class, stating that if J-Hope couldn’t become a part of the Special Forces, it would tarnish BTS’ reputation. Jin said, “Let’s meet over the holidays. Hyung became a Special Forces soldier. I’m also worried about your schedule.

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