9 Interesting Facts from Barbie Live Action Movies, The Meaning of Feet Soaring Until There Is No Water in Barbie Land

United States of America – The Barbie Live Action film is ready to color Indonesian cinemas on July 19, 2023. After a long wait, Barbie and Ken are ready to greet their fans around the world.

Before watching, let’s take a look at the hidden facts and details from the Barbie Movie that you might not know!

1. Barbie’s real-life daughter makes a cameo

Source: Buzzfeed

In the trailer, it is shown that Barbie meets an old woman who says that “Humans get one ending. The idea of ​​living forever.” Well, it turns out that the older woman is actually Barbara Handler, who inspired the first Barbie when she was a child.

Ruth Handler, who invented the original Barbie doll in 1959, named the doll after her daughter. Makes the appearance of Barbara Handler who is now 82 years old in the film even more special, right?

2. Barbie feet scene and its meaning

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