7 Facts about Bella Bonita Revealed, Legitimate to Become Denny Caknan’s Wife

Jakarta – Following are a series of facts about Bella Bonita, a woman who has officially become the wife of singer Denny Caknan. The two of them married on Friday, 7 July 2034 at The Sun Hotel, Madiun, East Java.

Of course, not a few are curious about the figure of Bella Bonita, a woman with beautiful looks who managed to melt Denny Caknan’s heart. Let’s get acquainted through the reviews below.

Bella Bonita

1. The owner of the full name Bella Bonita Rafnotfic Agassy is a woman who was born in Magetan, East Java on December 17, 1998 and is now 24 years old.

Bella Bonita

2. Familiarly called Belbon, Bella Bonita is the daughter of Agus Hutomo and Yosi Hutomo.

Bella Bonita

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