6 Income Sources Denny Caknan, Koplo Singer with Fantastic Rates who is Married Today


Jakarta – The name Denny Caknan is currently in the public spotlight after announcing his wedding plans with his girlfriend, Bella Bonita. This singer from Ngawi is not only known for his distinctive voice, but also for his shrewdness in composing songs.

His works, which are predominantly in Javanese, are quite easy to listen to and are considered relevant to people’s lives. So, where did Denny Caknan’s wealth come from? Let’s see the review!

1. Singer

Rhoma Irama and Denny Caknan

Denny Caknan became widely known in 2020 through his hit song “Los Dol”. The song gained popularity on social media and went viral on the TikTok platform. The success of “Los Dol” made Denny Caknan’s name increasingly known in the Indonesian music scene.

After the success of “Los Dol”, Denny Caknan continued to release other songs which also received positive responses from listeners. Several other popular songs sung by Denny Caknan include “Sugeng Dalu”, “Tanpo Tresnamu”, and “Ndas Gerih”.

Denny Caknan is also known for his musical style which is thick with Javanese nuances. He often combines elements of Javanese music with pop and dangdut genres, creating his own signature. Currently, the rate for one gig for Denny Caknan is over 100 million rupiah.

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