6 Effective Tips for Bathing Cats, Not Traumatizing Anabul


PeekSeleb – Bathing a cat can be a challenging task for some pet owners. Cats are known as independent creatures and have a tendency to lick themselves as a form of self-cleaning.

However, on some occasions, cats need our help to clean them, especially when they are exposed to stubborn dirt or certain skin problems.

Unfortunately, many cats do not like water and feel threatened when they are bathed. Therefore, we as owners must know the right way to make cats feel comfortable while bathing.

No need to worry, here are some tips so that cats want to bathe comfortably and safely.

1. Start Early


Photo : Freepik/byrdyak

One of the best ways to get a cat used to bathing is to introduce it early. If possible, bathe your cat when it is still young. Cats that are used to bathing since childhood will be more receptive to this process compared to cats that have bathed for the first time as adults.

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