5 Types of Animals Ever Eaten by Bobon Santoso, White Crocodile Mukbang Astonishes

Jakarta – Bobon Santoso, Indonesian content creator who recently became excited to be discussed again. The reason is, Bobon Santoso surprised the public by uploading a photo wearing BNN prison clothes on his personal Instagram account.

Remembering the name Bobon Santoso, the creator’s content has always appeared unique. He does consume wild animals that are generally not eaten by humans. Since appearing as a content creator, this is the type of animal Bobon Santoso has eaten. Here’s the review!

Eat white alligator

While on a tourist trip to Thailand, Bobon Santoso once performed a thrilling action. At that time, Bobon Santoso and local residents caught a white crocodile and processed it into a food menu.

Bobon Santoso even showed him how to cook it. This is very astonishing, the video content has reached 3 million views.

Eat piglets

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