5 Tips for Successful Dating in Your 30s, Number 4 Most Important!

Jakarta – Everyone has their own journey of love. If you fail in your 20s, there’s nothing wrong with trying again in your 30s because love isn’t good if you force it. If you’re ready to get back to knowing the opposite sex in your 30s and getting into a romantic relationship, there are a few things to consider.

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Be clear about what you want

Source: Heathline

Dating in your 30s is of course a different goal than in your 20s. If in your 20s you still want to be ‘playful’, in your 30s you need to make sure whether you want to be ‘playful’ or ‘serious’.

If you just need a date to fill your loneliness, explain that to your partner. On the other hand, you also have to make it clear if you want a more serious relationship. If your potential partner doesn’t want to discuss what your needs are, it’s better to find someone else. Because feeling hurt in your 30s is more difficult to heal.

Express your intention if you want to get married

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