5 Recommendations for Water Tourism in Kediri, Cool Air Makes You Tired


Kediri – Kediri has a beautiful natural charm with a variety of charming tourist destinations. There are charming waterfalls and baths where the water is clear.

The following is a row of water tourism in Kediri that you can visit and make a vacation choice. Let’s take a peek at the list below.

Pinterest/a pair of carriers

Photo : Pinterest/a couple of carriers

1. This beautiful Dolo Waterfall has 2 levels, the first level is 35 meters long, while the second is 90 meters high.

Various sources

Photos: Various Sources

2. The second row is Irenggolo Waterfall which is a neighbor of Dolo Waterfall. This waterfall has a height of 80 meters and has a slope of 45 degrees.

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Photo : Pinterest/Millennial Travel

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