5 Facts about Lee Eun Saem, Opposing Yeri “Red Velvet” at Bitch X Rich, Number 3 Makes You Amazed

South Korea – There is a new school drama coming out on Viu called Bitch x Rich. This drama tells the story of a poor teenager named Kim Hye In (Lee Eun Saem) who gets the opportunity to attend an elite school, Cheongdam International High School. Here he meets the most powerful girl in school, Baek Je Na (Yeri “Red Velvet”), the daughter of a conglomerate.

The two of them then got involved in a fierce war that endangered their mentality and even their lives. Like other school plays, Bitch x Rich is filled with a talented young cast. One of them who became the main character is Yeri “Red Velvet”.

Yeri, who plays Queen Bee at her school, gets a balanced opponent played by Lee Eun Saem. So, who is the actress Lee Eun Saem who plays the brave, Kim Hye In? Here are some facts about Lee Eun Saem. Curious? Let’s take a peek at the full review below!

1. Debut as a Child Actress


Photo : 2eunsaem/instagram

The actress who was born on October 10, 1999 has started her acting career since she was 8 years old. Lee Eun Saem debuted as an actress by playing a supporting role in the drama Landscape in My Heart (2007) as a child living in an apartment.

After that, for three years in a row, she regularly became a child actress with supporting roles in dramas and films. The next dramas he acted in were Kokkiri and Birth of a New Couple which were both released in 2008.

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