5 Controversy about Keisya Levronka, Feuding with Igun Until Considered Disrespectful

Jakarta – The singer who graduated from the talent search event, Keisya Levronka, is currently in hot public conversation. His name has been perched on Twitter’s trending line for two days because his podcast with Marlo went viral on social media.

It is known that this is not the first time Keisya has been in the spotlight. What are the series of controversies that have dragged his name? Let’s take a peek one by one!

1. Bullied because of his appearance on the song ‘Tak Mausai’

YouTube/Keisya Levronka Official

Photo: YouTube/Keisya Levronka Official

One of Keisya Levronka’s songs entitled ‘Taking It Out’ was indeed very successful in the market. The song went viral and was listened to by netizens. But unfortunately, this positive response did not occur in Keisya’s live performance.

In several of her appearances performing the song ‘Tak Want to End’, Keisya was unable to reach the high notes as recorded in the original song. Keisya was also considered to have failed in performing her own song. It was from here that he often received criticism and ridicule from netizens, which traumatized him.

2. Blasphemed by Malaysians

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