5 Cafes Near Blok M MRT Station, Convenient for Hanging Out and Aesthetic!

PeekSeleb – Currently, the Blok M area is one of the places visited by many residents of South Jakarta or from other regions. Easy access and lots of places to hang out make Blok M a favorite choice to stop by.

Here are a row of cafes near the Blok M MRT station that are just right to be a place for you and your bestie or with your doi to hang out. Let’s take a peek together!

1. Moodcopy

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Photo: Google Maps

The first cafe near the Blok M MRT station is Atmospherekopi. This might be the closest among the next cafe recommendations. Because, it is located right across from Blok M Plaza Mall. So, all you have to do is walk a few hundred meters from the MRT.

The place is minimalist and of course Instagramable for you content lovers. Even though the spot is not too wide, it is comfortable enough to just hang out and enjoy coffee with friends. There are various coffee choices available and there is also some kind of bread croissants.

Address: Jl. Bulungan No.9, RW.6, Kramat Pela, Kec. Kby. New, South Jakarta City.
Operational hour: Monday-Thursday (07.00-23.00 WIB), Friday-Sunday (07.00-00.00 WIB)
Price Range: IDR 30-50 thousands.
Instagram: @suasana.kopi

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