5 Artists who are rumored to be married to their mistresses, some make a commotion at the hotel

Jakarta – Recently, the virtual world has been shocked by the news of the issue of infidelity among Indonesian artists. This has also attracted public attention.

Even though they did the wrong thing, they chose to marry their mistress because they were already in love. Then who are they? Curious? Let’s take a peek!

instagram/official jameelanz

Photo: instagram/official jameelanz

Rumors of an affair between musicians Ahmad Dhani and Mulan Jameela had caused a public commotion. Because at that time his legal wife was Mulan Jameela’s best friend.

Of course, the issue of Ahmad Dhani’s infidelity did not escape blasphemy. Even Mulan Jameela’s name was labeled as pelakor (usurper for men) because she was accused of destroying other people’s households.

After divorcing Maia Estianty in 2008. Not long after, Ahmad Dhani married Mulan Jameela in a series.

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