5 Artists Choose Siri Marriage, Number 1 is hotly discussed as a reason for shock

Jakarta – The artist’s life is often discussed by the public, especially about romance. Some public figures in the country have given recognition regarding the siri marriage.

So who are the celebrities who secretly married siri? Here’s the full review, curious? Let’s take a peek.

Della puspita

Senior artist Della Puspita is enveloped in happiness. Yes, 10 years of being a widow, she finally changed her status and is now officially the wife of Arman Wosi.

The two of them officially married on May 11, 2023. However, his marriage was recently hit by slanted news because he chose to marry in a series.
The 43-year-old woman explained her reasons for choosing to marry in an unregistered manner. This was because he was traumatized by his previous marriage.

“I’ve failed in my first marriage, how complicated it is to marry a public figure. So it’s not that I’m thinking about getting a divorce, right,” said Della Puspita, quoted by Intipseleb from the VIVA.CO.ID page on Sunday, July 9, 2023.

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