4 Rows of Controversy Matty Healy, Number 1 Still Hot Makes a Shock Because of Same-Sex Kissing


English – The 1975 vocalist, Matty Healy, is acting up again. He recently made a public commotion because he kissed the same sex while appearing on stage which was held in Malaysia, on Friday, 21 July 2023.

As for the chronology of events that was widely shared on social media, where Matty Healy was seen kissing Ross MacDonald’s base. The action was carried out as a form of protest against the Malaysian government’s policy of prohibiting LGBT relations.

Due to this, the government of the neighboring country stopped the music concert entitled Good Vibes Festival. The controversy over this British pop rock band has added to the long list of problematic behavior by Matty Healy. So what are the controversies of the vocalist of the band The 1975? Curious? Let’s take a peek!

1. Eating Raw Meat on Stage


Photo : Instagram/alexandertks95

Matty Healy did something strange while on stage in London, England in June 2023. Where he ate a raw tomahawk steak, the action immediately shocked the audience.

2. Attaching the Vital Tool to the Camera

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