4 Recommendations for Panji Sakti’s songs, apart from ‘To Noor’, have implied meanings


PeekSeleb – The figure of Panji Sakti caught the public’s attention after the song ‘Kepada Noor’ went viral. The song that comes from the poem has a deep meaning.

Apart from ‘Kepada Noor’, there are a number of Panji Sakti songs that can be included in your music list, you know. Curious? Let’s take a peek at the recommendations for the Panji Sakti song below.

1. My soul is a frangipani flower

Jiwaku Sekuntum Bunga Kemboja is a song composed by Panji Sakti which was made in 2015. This song was later used as the OST for the soap opera ‘Kamboja di Hati’ which aired in Malaysia.

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