4 Old Artists Have Problems With The Law, Number 1 Has Just Been Involved In Alleged Cases Of Persecution

Jakarta – As a public figure, his life is often interesting to discuss. Artists are also ordinary people who make many mistakes and have to deal with the law.

The following are old artists who have had problems with the law. So who are they? Let’s take a peek!


Photo : Instagram/grunopierre

Senior Artist Pierre Gruno was recently named a suspect in a case of alleged abuse. He allegedly beat someone at a bar in South Jakarta on 30 June 2023.

Not long ago the South Jakarta Metro Police featured in a press release Pierre Gruno wearing orange prisoner clothes. Wakasat Reskrim Kompol Henrikus Yossi Hendrata then explained the motive behind what the actor did to the victim.

“From the results of examining the victim, witnesses, friends of the victim who were at the TKP (Case Incident) then examining the suspect, it was found that the information was consistent with the background to the crime of persecution,” Kompol Henrikus told the crew. media.

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