4 Artists Who Were Caught Cheating But Instead Forgiven By Their Partners

Jakarta – After being silent for a long time, Syahnaz Sadiqah finally spoke publicly in response to the news of her affair with Rendy Kjaernett. Not denying the issue, Syahnaz finally admitted he was sorry and apologized.

However, Syahnaz’s husband, Jeje Govinda, as the party who was hurt, graciously forgave his wife. So, who are the artists who have patience like Jeje? Let’s take a peek at the following information!

Mieke Amalia, Tora Sudiro

Before living happily with Mieke Amalia, Tora Sudiro’s marriage to Mieke had attracted the attention of many parties. After all, the marriage was the result of an affair.

Where, in 2007, Tora Sudiro was caught alone with Mieke Amalia in a hotel. Even though at that time, his status was still the husband of Anggraini Kadiman. As a result, Tora admits his mistake and hopes to be forgiven. Anggraini also forgave, although in the end their household still ran aground and Tora married Mieke.

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