4 Alshad Ahmad Controversy, Recently Accused of Overthinking Content Until the Tiger Dies


Jakarta – YouTuber Alshad Ahmad is back in the spotlight from the public. Many netizens blame Alshad for the death of his pet tiger named Cenora.

Prior to this issue, Alshad was also involved in other controversial news several times. Anything? Let’s peek one by one!

1. Criticized for Preserving Wildlife


Photo: Instagram

The first controversy that made the name Alshad Ahmad was highlighted when he commented on the case of the death of three tigers that were trapped. At that time, Alshad was of the opinion that the forest was no longer a safe place for animals. Suddenly, this opinion reaps the pros and cons. Many believe that Alshad is looking for justification for his own actions in caring for wild animals.

Nature is the best place to house animals like this. But now our forest is not doing well, guys. Do you still want to say that Eshan, Jinora, Selen will be released into nature?” wrote Alshad Ahmad through his Instagram account.

2. Accused of being irresponsible in impregnating a former girlfriend

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