3 Recommendations for Fast and Enjoyable Sex Positions, Doesn’t Take Long

PeekSeleb – Quick sex or quickie sex can be the answer for couples who want to quickly satisfy their desires. You only need a few minutes to have sex with your partner.

Although short, that’s what makes quickie sex so passionate and hot. Not to mention the feeling of tightness that might even make your heart beat faster because of the rush. Urgency and intensity, these two factors can increase your heart rate and make sex more intense.

Let’s take a peek at the three recommendations for quick sex positions quoted from Men’s Health.

1. Iron

Sex Illustration/Freepik

Photo : Sex Illustration/Freepik

Inspired by the form of Sterika where the husband steps on a partner who is lying down from behind. This style allows for very deep penetration and usually results in a quick orgasm for both, making it ideal for quick sex.

Increase your partner’s chances of orgasm by wrapping your arms around her waist and playing with her clit as you start having sex with her from behind. Exciting huh?

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