3 Controversy over Princess Anne’s wife Arya Saloka, latest ‘seen’ to join alcohol party after removing hijab


Jakarta – Princess Anne is back in the public spotlight. She, who is now determined to let go of the hijab, has become a hot topic of public discussion. In fact, netizens speculate that he will return to his former religion.

When Princess Anne became the subject of conversation, it turned out that netizens were debating a lot about her. So, what are the controversies? Here’s more!

Ever been highlighted for speaking harshly and playing with the hijab

princess anne

In May 2023, Princess Anne went viral on social media shouting harsh words. At that time, he was wearing a hooded jacket that exposed his neck, hair and ears.

In a short clip on the gossip account, Princess Anne is live on TikTok. In the video, Princess Anne looks different from her signature style of wearing a neat headscarf. Instead, Princess Anne chose to only wear a brown jacket. The hoodie from the jacket covers Princess Anne’s head and hair.

Princess Anne’s appearance is far from neat and attractive, even though she is broadcasting live for trading purposes. Princess Anne looks intent on selling a collagen drink that has endorsed her. While selling, Princess Anne seemed to read comments which then made her say harsh words.

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