2 years as a widow, Aura Kasih is sad to live without a companion


Jakarta – Aura Kasih is now living as a widow, after divorcing from Eryck Amaral in 2021. Until now, his love life is often discussed.

On one occasion, the owner’s full name Sanny Aura Syahrani revealed her feelings, which now holds the status of a widow with one child. So how will it go? Curious? Let’s take a peek!

Aura Kasih is saddened by her widow status

Intipseleb/Tiya Sukmawati

Photo: Intipseleb/Tiya Sukmawati

Aura Kasih did not enjoy her widow status. Because, he is often sad after going through his daily life because he has no place to tell stories.

“We don’t enjoy it, it’s sad, we want to finish work, after all there are people we can share with,” said Aura Kasih when met in the Kalibata area, South Jakarta, Monday, July 10 2023.

But Aura Kasih doesn’t want to start a relationship just for fun

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