10 Most Popular and Favorite Typical Foods of West Sumatra, Which Is Your Favorite?

PeekSeleb – The typical food of West Sumatra is known for its rich, spicy and delicious taste. It’s no wonder that food from this area is a favorite of many people.

The famous Minangkabau cuisine from this area has a strong, spicy and savory taste. So, what are the lists of the most popular and favorite West Sumatran specialties? Come on, see the following list.

Recipe for Rendang Padang

Rendang is a typical dish from West Sumatra which is known throughout the world. Made from beef cooked in coconut milk and rich spices, rendang has a unique savory, spicy and aromatic taste. The long and slow cooking process makes the meat tender and the spices permeate perfectly.

Padang satay recipe

Sate Padang is a satay dish with a special peanut sauce. Beef, liver or chicken skin is skewered and grilled over charcoal, then served with a savory peanut sauce and Padang spices. Sate Padang is usually served with ketupat, rice and fried onions.

3. Goulash

Fish curry recipe

Gulai is a curry dish that uses coconut milk as the main ingredient. Meat, fish or vegetables are cooked with spices such as turmeric, chili peppers, ginger and galangal. The goulash has a very delicious thick, savory and aromatic gravy. Usually served with white rice.

4. Soto Padang

Soto Padang Typical Food of West Sumatra

Soto Padang is a variant of soto with a thick, savory sauce and distinctive spices. Beef, bean sprouts, cakes, chips, and crackers are the fillings for this soup. Soto Padang is served with white rice, sprinkled with fried onions, and served with typical Padang sauce.

5. Pop Chicken

Pop Chicken Recipe

Pop chicken dish is one of the favorites by various groups and ages. It looks simple, pop chicken is actually made from various spices such as galangal, shallots, garlic, bay leaves, salt, lime, then added coconut milk.

With so many spices, the taste of pop chicken becomes savory and rich in taste.

6. Kapau rice

Nasi Kapau Typical Food of West Sumatra

Next is rice kapau. This food has a resemblance to Nasi Padang, which is more widely known and can be found everywhere.

The difference between Nasi Kapau and Nasi Padang is the way of presentation, in which Nasi Kapau side dishes are directly displayed on the table.

7. Ampiang Dadiah

Ampiang Dadiah Typical Food of West Sumatra

Ampiang Dadiah is a traditional West Sumatran dessert made from fresh fermented goat’s milk. mem

has a soft texture and fresh taste. Ampiang Dadiah is usually served with brown sugar syrup or honey as a sweetener.

8. Jerky Balado

Dendeng Batokok

Dendeng Balado is a dish of beef or fish which is thinly sliced ​​and dry fried, then served with balado, which is a spicy sauce made from chilies, shallots, garlic and spices. Dendeng Balado has a spicy, savory and crunchy taste that is appetizing.

9. Kalio

Kalio Typical Food of West Sumatra

Kalio at first glance looks similar to rendang. Basically, kalio is half-finished rendang. If rendang has a dry texture, kalio has a wet and gravy texture and has a brownish color.

The taste of kalio is usually not too spicy and the meat used is also not too hard.

10. Padeh Acid

Tamarind Padeh Typical Food of West Sumatra

Asam Padeh is a fish or meat dish cooked in a spicy and sour sauce. The sour sauce comes from a mixture of tamarind gelugur, chili, ginger and other spices. This dish has a refreshing, spicy and sour taste.

Those are 10 typical West Sumatran foods that you should try. Enjoy delicious Minang specialties!

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