10 Foods that Cause Acne that K-Pop Idols Avoid

PeekSeleb – The Korean music industry, or better known as K-Pop, has attained immense global popularity. K-Pop idols always look perfect with glowing and acne-free skin. However, what is the secret behind their healthy skin?

One factor that is often overlooked is the food they consume. By avoiding certain foods, K-Pop idols will have perfect skin, including acne-free. So, what are the 10 acne-causing foods that K-Pop idols avoid to keep their skin clean and healthy? Come on, take a peek one by one!

1. High Fat Foods

high fat food
Source: New York Post

High-fat foods such as fast food and fried foods can cause a spike in oil production in the skin and trigger acne. K-Pop idols avoid these foods and opt for healthier options like fish, nuts, and leafy green vegetables.

2. Foods Sweet and Containing High Sugar

sweet food
Source: The New York Times

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