10 Dream Meanings of Flying High, a Sign of Success?

PeekSeleb – Dreams are mysterious phenomena that often attract our attention. One of the most interesting types of dreams is the dream of flying high, in which one feels the sensation of floating in the air and wading through the sky freely.

What does this dream of flying high actually mean? Is there a hidden message behind this experience? Let’s explore further.

Flying people

In various traditions and beliefs, dreams of flying high are often seen as a symbol of freedom, ambition or high achievement. The sensation of floating freely through the air in this dream can be interpreted as a drive to reach for higher goals and aspirations in real life.

This dream is often associated with feelings of hope, joy, and the courage to achieve new things. Dream interpretation experts argue that dreams of flying high can also reflect feelings related to power, control, or liberation from limitations and attachments.

In this dream, the individual feels that he has complete control over his environment and feels an intense sense of freedom. This could describe a desire to break free from limitations or conflicts in everyday life.

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